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" We tried out our new shade last night while driving west just before sunset. It was wonderful! No sun in my 1-year-old's eyes makes for a happy baby and a happy mommy!" Sharel, mother of 1

"I just got mine in the mail and the quality is amazing...My two year old has never been happier to sit in the back seat and my commute has NEVER been this easy thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I will refer this product to EVERYONE with kids!!!" Athena, mother of 2

"We bought one for each car. We used to have to hang a blanket up between the seats to block the sun. This sunshield is so easy to use and much safer! Thank you!" Jennifer, mother of 1

"The sun is now just coming up when I am driving John to school and he loves his "Chase Away the Sun". It is so easy he puts it up and down himself. He also loves the shark design!" Julie, mother of 1

"My 5 year old son loves the design and can put it up and down for himself. This is a great idea!"

"Very innovative invention! It kept my wee one happy so I could focus on safe driving." Terri, mother of 2


"Our three-year old loves the "Chase Away the Sun" and how it keeps the sun out of her eyes! It's little innovations like this that make being a mom so much easier!" Lauralee, mother of 3


"I got my turtle and frogs window shade in the mail it awesome, can't wait to try it!" Cathy

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