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Size Chart

Below is a list of vehicles and the appropriate size.  We apologize if your vehicle is not listed but we are in the process of adding vehicles daily.   If you would like to assist us in adding your vehicle to the list please contact us and send us the measurement of the distance between the front headrests. 


Measure the distance between your headrests.  


SMALL       15" to 20"
MEDIUM     20" to 25"
LARGE       25" to 30" 


If your measurement is appropriate for two different sizes (i.e. 20" and 25") we suggest purchasing the larger size.


BMW 530xi                            Medium

BMW X5                                 Medium

Chevy Trailblazer                 Medium

Chevy Yukon/Yukon XL        Large

Chevy Silverado                   Large

Chrysler Town & Country    Large

Dodge RAM                          Large

Dodge Grand Caravan        Medium

Ford Escape                        Medium

Ford Explorer                      Medium

Ford F150/F250/F350       Large

GMC Sierra                          Large

GMC Tahoe/Suburban        Large

Jeep Cherokee                    Medium

Jeep Liberty                        Medium

Honda CRV                          Medium

Honda Pilot                         Medium

Isuzu Rodeo                        Small

Kia Sedona                         Medium

Nissan Frontier                  Medium

Nissan Titan                       Large

Subraru Forrestor             Small

Subraru Impreza               Small

Subraru Legacy                 Medium

Subraru Outback               Small

Toyota Avalon                    Small

Toyota Highlander            Medium

Toyota RAV4                      Small

VW Jetta                            Small

Volvo XC70                        Medium

Volvo S40                          Small



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