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When your commutes are stressful!

Picture this... you are a working parent that has to take your young son (or daughter) to preschool or daycare every day on your way to work. If that isn't a hard enough task to leave your child everyday, when the commute getting there is full of whines and cries about the sun in your kids' eyes it make it that much more stressful.

Your child may be 15 months old and has recently started forward facing in the car seat. His vocabulary is limited, if non-existent, and just cries as the sun beams through your windshield straight into the backseat and right into his eyes.

You have tried sunglasses before but he is 15 months old so he throws them.

You put down your sun visor but that doesn't do the job as that is meant for your eyes.

You pull over and take his beloved blankie away to string between the seats, but that just upsets him more. And now you have fully blocked your view from your rear view mirror as well.

You try to string your suit jacket between the seats but that won't stay up and now you have wrinkled your jacket.

You finally get to daycare, wipe the tears from his eyes and kiss him goodbye.

Fast-forward 9 hours and it is time to drive home towards the setting sun... and the process repeats itself.

There must be a better way.... Yes, there is! Chase Away the Sun.

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