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When you cannot find what you need in the stores!

Chase Away the Sun was created in 2011 by Kelli, a mother of 2. It all began one evening while driving on a road trip with her husband, James, and their son, Chase. As they were heading westbound when the sun was setting the blinding rays entered the front windshield and woke their sleeping son in the backseat. In order to stop Chase from crying they needed to block the sun from hitting his face. The visors at the front of the car only work for the driver and passenger. They tried giving Chase a pair of sunglasses and he just threw them. In the end they took Chase's blanket (which did not really make Chase too happy) and strung it up between the windows by closing each end of the blanket in the window. The crying stopped but the process of getting the blanket to stay was not easy and the whole situation made for a stressful drive for everyone. Kelli and James thought there must be something out there to solve this problem.

Many months later, Kelli started commuting to and from work driving eastbound in the morning and westbound in the evening. Chase continued to complain about the sun in his eyes and Kelli again thought that there must be a solution to this problem; however, after much research she determined that there was nothing available and decided to create a product that was easy to use, safe and that her kids would love.

And thus Chase Away the Sun was created... Sometimes you just have to make what you need!

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