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What is the product made of?
The visor is made of cotton fabric so it is soft. The bands around the headrests are made of elastic.

How does the visor attach to the elastic bands?
There is a small piece of Velcro on the ends of the top edge of the visor that attaches to small pieces of Velcro that are sewn onto the elastic bands.


Can I still see out of the back of my car using my rearview mirror?
Yes, the shade is placed just below the sight line of the rearview mirror so the driver's vision is not blocked.

When I am not using the shade, can it be folded without damaging it?
Yes, the shade is made of fabric so you can easily fold it and store it away without damaging it.  

Is it easy to install?
Yes, it is very easy to put up and take down. Just place the elastic bands around each headrest with the Velcro on the inside of the headrest.  Hang the shade with the design facing the child using the Velcro.  Please make sure to put up and adjust the shade when the car is not in motion.


How do I wash it if it gets dirty?
Machine wash and lay flat to dry.   It is suggested that you handwash the elastic bands and lay flat to dry as well.


Is this just for a child sitting in the center seat? 
No, this product is useful for a child sitting in any spot in the rearseat.   Especially during the fall and winter months, when the sun does not rise or set due east and west, the sun's rays enter the front windshield at an angle reaching a child sitting on the other side of the car.

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